"Delicacy, precision, durability, and a sense of beauty
that is integrated into a single unity"
are words that describe KameManNen's glasses.
However, if summarized in one phrase,
it would be "glasses that can only be made in Sabae.”
Sabae's craftsmen represent the value-added manufacturing that
KameManNen seeks and produces with consistent quality.
Here, we would like to introduce their various skills.


In Sabae, there are the world's top eyeglass craftsmen.
However, with the passage of time and the aging population of these artisans,
their skills are currently at risk of disappearing.
We cannot let these world-renowned eyeglass-making techniques
that we are proud of, come to an end.
As Japan's oldest eyewear brand,
KameManNen has been expanding alongside Sabae since its founding,
and we believe that it is our responsibility to pass on the wonderful skills
of Sabae's craftsmen to the forthcoming generations.
Therefore, we aim to communicate to as many people as possible
about their amazing techniques in order to preserve them for the future.